Sunday, May 26, 2013

Taking Shape

The project continues to move along at an ever quickening pace. I think Joe's plans for next week are to (among other things) get the roof shingled, finish installing the rest of the windows and install the fireplace.

Our home had hail damage back in the spring of 1999 and I had to have the roof replaced. I assumed then that I'd be building a porch some day so I purchased some extra bundles of shingles for the future project. I had no idea then that it would be this long before I'd get to use them. I also don't think I figured the porch would be as large as it will be so I'm pretty certain we'll come up short of shingles. Joe will use them on the side of the house that faces the street and do his best to find a match for the rest.

The most interesting aspect of the project for me continues to be how Joe was able to tie the new roof of the porch into the existing roof of the house. The photo to the left gives a good idea of what I'm talking about. Click on the photo to enlarge it then look closely. Consider all of the angles he had to figure out to get the boards to lie flush against one another. I told him that I'd like to sit down with him sometime over a beer and have him explain how he does that. Not that I'll ever have a chance to use the knowledge, I just want to know how it's done.

Joe installs a "cool roof", meaning he makes a sub-roof that creates an airspace between the roof and the shingles. It will lead to a longer lasting roof.

Charlie keeps trying to sneak out onto the porch to snoop around any chance he gets. There's so much stuff to see out there.

I'll let the video speak for the rest of the project...

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