Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away!

The weather has not been kind to our project with rain being the biggest offender of late. Joe is easily one week behind where he'd like to be if not more. It can't be easy trying to reschedule subcontractors to come in and do their work when timelines keep shifting but it's all a part of the process.

I was watching Joe hoist up some main overhead beams a few days ago, impressed by his methods that allow him to do much of this work solo. You'll see what I'm referring to in the video below. It wasn't my intention to not want to lend a hand as I observed but instead I wanted to video his technique for others to see. He commented to me that he's been going over in his head how to approach this project for the last 5 weeks, imagining how he'll engineer the steps along the way.

As I write this there is more rain on the way. We must've gotten at least two inches yesterday and this morning between two separate storms. Joe has done what he can to protect the sub-floor from moisture but even his best efforts are no match for a driving rain that eventually finds its way beneath the tarp. He's back here daily to unzip the covering, squeegee the water off and allow the sun to dry it out.

He was hoping to have it "dried in" by this time next week. I think that means having all of the windows in place and having it roofed and shingled. He's going to need more cooperation from the weather than he's been getting but I think given a good stretch of dryness to work with he can get there.

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