Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Skylights and Fireplace

I can't remember a time when our backyard was as spongy as it is now. With all of the traffic it's been seeing it's such a mess! But I'm not worried about least I keep telling myself that. It'll take some time but I'll get it looking like its old self once again. It's not that May was a record setting month for rainfall but the ground was already so saturated going into the month and that's been the problem. I'm not sure I can recall a wetter spring season.

The skylights and fireplace were installed today. We're very happy with the amount of light we're getting into the room through all of the windows; they're giving us the feel we were after. When we first started talking about this project we wanted to be sure we weren't just adding another room to our home because we didn't necessarily need that. We needed the new space to feel unlike any other room in our house and it's definitely going to do that.

When our windows arrived last week Joe noticed a dent in the metalwork around one of them. He wasn't happy. He called the manufacturer to advise them of the problem. If it were on another set of windows we may be able to overlook it but it's in probably the worst place it can be considering where this set of windows is located; just off to your left as you come up the stairs onto the deck. I believe they've got a fix in the works and will deliver it before too long. It's a little difficult to see in the photo to the left but it's there, right in the middle of the picture.

I emailed my insurance agent last night and sent a couple of photos of the project. With all of the stormy weather we've been experiencing I figured it would be a good idea to bump up my policy to get the project covered. I haven't heard back from him yet about how to proceed.

Jeff will be here tomorrow applying more primer to the cedar siding and if it's not raining I think Joe may be looking at shingling the roof. We've also got Perry from Condor Fireplace & Stone coming early in the morning to give us an estimate for the stacked-stone around the fireplace.

It should be a busy day around here!


  1. It's a wise decision to come up with skylights and a fireplace in your home. Since you don't really need to have an extra room, spending money to improve your house is a good investment. These features truly add more value to your home. Likewise, they provide a feeling of relaxation. I'm glad that you're satisfied with the result!

    Joanne Barragan @ Tedrick’s Roofing

  2. It's great that there's a part in your house that tends to be different than the rest. That's really a great feeling on your part knowing that you have somewhere to just totally relax. How was the skylight and the fireplace? So far so good? Keep in mind that maintenance is the key for these home features to last for a long time. :)

    Lino Kosters @ Arrys Roofing

  3. Hi,

    We really won't get a feel for the fireplace until the cooler weather is here and we use it to heat the room.

    The skylights are so nice with the amount of additional light they allow into the room.

    So far so good!