Sunday, May 12, 2013

Making Progress Amid Some Hardships

Wet weather slowed Joe's progress a little earlier in the week but he made a nice recovery. He came out Saturday and spent much of the day trying to get the project back on schedule.

The biggest impediment to staying on schedule (besides the weather) has been a large rock directly under one of the support beams. It's so large and it's not going anywhere. Joe had to drill holes into it to be able to add rebar to it as part of an anchor embedded in cement to secure the post in place. I was hoping to get a photo of the rebar but I was too late. The photo to the left is the finished work. The built up area in front will serve as a foundation for some landscape blocks that will sit in front of the porch along the west and south sides. Joe added it so I wouldn't have a continual problem of the ground settling beneath the blocks.

I really like Joe's attention to detail and the way he takes the time to explain what he's doing. Whenever I've approached him with a question or a concern he has always taken whatever time is needed to talk with me. I really appreciate that.

We have the electrician coming tomorrow to run lines for some outlets in the floor of the porch area. We'll have outlets along the wall as the code requires but we also wanted a couple in the floor hidden under our furniture. I took my best guess as to where those outlets should be based on a diagram Karen made for us of the room with some likely furniture arrangements.

Joe mentioned how this part of the project phase we're entering into is where it becomes a lot more fun for him as the building will begin to take shape. He mentioned that by this time next week our project will look entirely different. We're excited to watch it become a reality considering how we've waited a long time for this.

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